Glow in the Dark Party Supplies

It's time to throw the most epic glow party of all time with! From Bar Mitzvahs to Sweet Sixteen birthdays, special anniversaries and weddings to fun family reunions, everybody loves stuff that glows and lights up! Light up the backyard glow party or glowing pool party! Use fun light up centerpieces and glowing party decor items to make the party really shine!

Start the fun by handing out light up head boppers, and fun glow bracelets and if you're the sporting type we've got glowing badminton birdies, light up footballs and LED frisbee disks! Light up party cups, LED wine glasses and light up pilsner glasses will keep the party going, and make great keep-sakes for your guests. Glow Party Products in Canada from!

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  1. GW NEW Animated LED Smart Shirt
    Animated Light Up LED T-Shirt with Smartphone Control
  2. Fiber Optic Wands On Special
    Fiber Optic Wands - Single Colors (On Special)
  3. Glowing LED Shooter Glasses
    Light Up LED Shooter Glasses
  4. Glowing Drink Straws
    Glow Stick Straws
  5. Glow Swizzle Sticks
    Glow Stir Sticks - 9 Inch
  6. Glow Light Stir Sticks
    Glow Stir Sticks - 5 Inch
    CA$0.66 CA$0.00
  7. LED Light Up Coasters
    Light Up LED Drink Coasters - Pressure Activated (On Special)
  8. Glowing Light Up Drink Coasters
    Light Up LED Drink Coasters - Power Switch (On Special)
  9. LED Light Glowing Ice Cubes
    Light Up LED Ice Cubes
  10. Glow Stick Candles
    6 Inch Glow Stick Candles
  11. Glowing Light Up Bubble Finger Rings
    Flashing LED Bubble Rings
    CA$1.90 CA$0.00
  12. 8 Inch Wristband Glow Bracelets
    8 Inch Wristband Glow Bracelets
  13. Glowing Light Up Eye Glasses
    Clear Lens EL Wire Sunglasses with Sound Sensor
  14. Glow LED Light Glasses
    Dark Lens EL Wire Sunglasses with Sound Sensor
  15. Flashing LED Shot Glasses
    Light Up LED Shot Glasses
  16. Glowing LED Earrings
    Light Up LED Earrings
  17. Flashing LED Mini Clip Light
    Clip On Body and Balloon Lights - Flashing (On Special)
  18. Mini LED Clip Lights
    Clip On LED Body and Balloon Lights - Steady (On Special)
  19. 8 Inch Standard Glow Bracelets
    8 Inch Standard Glow Bracelets
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