Light Up LED Drink Coasters - UV Black Light

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- Black Light Glowing LED Coasters!
- Power Switch Activated
- UV Black Light LED !
- Make black light reactive drinks glow!
- Black Light Parties! Glow Party Events! 

LED Drink Coasters are available with Custom Printing

Black Light Glowing Drink Coasters are light up LED coasters with ultra violet (UV) black light LEDs. This black light coaster has a power switch on the bottom to activate/deactivate the black light. These LED UV Drink Coasters will make any black light reactive drinks like tonic water light up and glow. The black light coaster is over 3 1/2 inches wide and uses AAA batteries (not included)

Instructions: Insert 3 AAA Batteries into the bottom of the Glowing Black Light LED Drink Coaster. The UV black lights will make any black light reactive liquid like tonic water glow with a blueish/purple hue. The black light coasters are power switch activated which can be found on the bottom of the light up coaster.

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Glow Duration: Approx. 24 hours of continual use
Batteries: 3 AAA Batteries (Not Included)
Width: 13/16 Inch (2 cm)
Length: 3 9/16 Inches (9 cm)