Light Up Jewelry and Wearables

We've got the glow you need at!  With Light Up Jewelry and Glowing Wearables you'll be ready for any festival, glow run or epic party, and they're great for fundraising at school dances and charity events.  Light up the night  with our fun selection of lighted jewelry including Glowing Finger Rings, LED Pendants, Glowing Gloves, Scrolling Text Belt Buckles and light up shoelaces!

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  1. Flashing LED Mini Clip Light
    Clip On Body and Balloon Lights (Flashing)
  2. Mini LED Clip Lights
    Clip On LED Body and Balloon Lights (Steady)
  3. LED Glowing Bracelets with Magnetic Clip
    Clear LED Wristband Glow Bracelets with Magnetic Clasp
    CA$3.36 CA$0.00
  4. Scrolling Message LED Belt Buckles
    Scrolling Text Belt Buckles
  5. Light Up Shirt with LED Message Display
    Programmable Message T-Shirt
  6. LED Equalizer T-Shirt
    LED Equalizer T-Shirt
  7. Glowing Beaded Necklaces
    Glowing LED Beaded Necklaces - Single Colors
    CA$2.96 CA$0.00
  8. Light up Glow Lanyard
    Light Up LED Lanyard with Clip
  9. Glowing Light Up Bubble Finger Rings
    Flashing LED Bubble Rings
    CA$1.90 CA$0.00
  10. Glow Party Bunny Ears
    Glowing Bunny Ears
  11. Glowing LED Earrings
    Light Up LED Earrings
  12. Glowing LED Glasses with Bluetooth Smartphone Control
    Light Up Glasses Animated LED Display with Smartphone Control
    CA$22.94 CA$0.00
  13. LED Display Glow Shutter Shades
    Light Up Glasses with Animated LED Display
    CA$17.54 CA$0.00
  14. Glowing Light Up Eye Glasses
    Clear Lens EL Wire Sunglasses with Sound Sensor
  15. Glow LED Light Glasses
    Dark Lens EL Wire Sunglasses with Sound Sensor
  16. Glowing Light Shoelaces
    Light Up LED Shoelaces
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