Starry Projector Light Galaxy Lamp

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- Starry Light Projection Lamp
- Shimmering Light and Laser Galaxy Displays!
- 15 Seperate Color Modes with Brightness Control!
- Built in Bluetooth and Speakers to play music!
- Glow Parties, Bedroom Light, Party Lamp!

Note: The starry light projector is USB powered and must be plugged in to operate.

The Starry Light Light Lamp is a fun projection lamp that shines bright colorful light and galaxy projections. The Starry Projector Lamp has several bright lights that includes a shimmering light projection, dotted star display and a laser galaxy projection that can be turned on at the same time for a fun splash of light and color! The starry projection lamp has built in speakers and a bluetooth connection that plays music and the lights will beat to!

Note: The starry projection lamp is USB powered and must be plugged in to operate.

Instructions: Remove the Starry Light Projector and accessories (remote & USB cable) from the packaging. Plug the projector into a USB plug or adapter and then use the remote to turn on the lamp and to change the various color and light features.

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More Information
Glow Duration: Constant while activated.
Batteries: Plug in Only (USB Cable Included)
Width: 4 1/4 Inches (10.7cm)
Length: 5 Inches (12.7cm) - Height: 4 Inches (10.1 cm)
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