Glow Stir Sticks - 9 Inch

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- Fun Light Up Glowing Stir Sticks!
- 9 inches of Bright, Colorful Glow!
- Turns any Glass into a Glow in the Dark Party Cup!
- Instantly Light Up any Drink with Glow Swizzle Sticks!

Glowing Stir Sticks are available with Custom Printing

9" Glowing Stir Sticks are a fun and unique drink presentation that will impress your guests!'s 9 inch light up stir sticks are loaded to the max with fun and innovative possibilities.  Filled with light and color, the 9" long glow in the dark swizzle sticks look amazing in highball glasses!  Of course they also look amazing in cola style glasses and our light up tumbler glasses and glow in the dark party cups too!  The glow in the dark stir sticks are easy to use. Just activate the 9” glow stick and insert it into the stir stick. Voila! You have one outstanding light up party accessory. Choose from four awesome colors — green, blue, pink or red — and you have terrific, inexpensive and colorful light up stir sticks that set the stage for great times all night long.  Perfect for any party, special event, night club or lounge, check out the Glowing Stir Sticks today!

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Glow Duration: Approx. 6 Hours
Shelf Life: Approx. 2 Years
Length: 9 3/8 Inches (24 cm)
Width: 5/16 Inch (.7 cm)
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