Light Up Basketball Combo Pack

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Glowing Basketball Combo Set Includes:

- 1 Glowing LED Basketball
- 4 Blue Light Up Armbands
- 4 Orange Light Up Armbands
- 2 Green EL Wire String Kits (Light Up the Hoops)
- 12 Glow Sticks Yellow 6 Inch (Court Marker Lights)

The Glowing LED Basketball Combo Set is a lighted basketball sports set that includes 1 Glowing LED Basketball, 8 Glowing LED Sports Armbands (4 Orange Bands & 4 Blue Bands), 2 EL Wire String Kits in Green for lighting up the hoops and 12 Glow Sticks (6 Inch Yellow) for lighting up the basketball court.

For one on one matches, you can each wear all four of the colored glowing armbands or if you have larger teams, you can each wear two or even one armband. String the glowing EL wire string around the basketball hoop and use the 6 inch glow sticks to set your court perimeter.

Instructions: Blow up the LED Basketball and turn it on by clicking in the power button. Place 2xAA Batteries into each EL Wire Kit and string  around the basketball hoop. (You can use tape to keep secured) Turn on the glowing armbands and place them on the players. Bend the glow sticks and shake to activate the glow, highlight your play area by placing them at the edges of your court.

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