Light Up Soccer Ball Combo Pack

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Glowing Soccer Ball Sports Combo Set Includes:

- 1 Glowing LED Soccer Ball
- 4 Blue Light Up Armbands
- 4 Orange Light Up Armbands
- 8 Green 14 Inch LED Light Stick Markers

The Glowing Soccer Ball Combo Set is a lighted soccer sports set that includes 1 Glowing LED Soccer Ball, 8 Glowing LED Sports Bands (4 Orange and 4 Blue) and 8 Green 14" LED Marker Sticks to use as course outlines. You get everything you will need to set up a fun game of glow in the dark soccer!

Define teams with the two different colors of lighted LED sports bands and use the LED light stick marker stakes to outline your field and to create some glowing goal posts!

Instructions: Blow up the LED Soccer Ball and activate it by pressing the power button. Turn on the LED Armbands and put them on each player. Turn on the 14 Inch LED Light Stick Markers and highlight your playing area.

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