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LED Game Fishing Lights


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Product Highlights:

- Bright LED Fishing Lights Attracts Game Fish!
- Twist Top - Easy to Use!
- Rated for Depths Up to 2000 Feet (610 Meters)
- Durable Design with Replaceable Batteries!

LED Game Fishing Lights

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Ready to catch some big game fish at night? Then you will need our bright multi-color underwater game fish lights. These color changing LED submersible fishing lights are excellent for fishing Swordfish, Halibut, Red Snapper and other game fish. Our underwater LED fishing lights can be used to catch game fish in the surf near the shore or deep sea trolling as this submersible light is designed with fins to help it easily glide through the water.

Night fishing can be an extremely rewarding and enjoyable sport. Especially if you are used to shore fishing in the surf. During the day swimmers and other beach users can chase you away from the best surf fishing spots but at night you have these areas all to yourself. Fishing at night can also offer you a lot more strikes. At night the fish come up to feed and with the added attraction of our LED fishing lights you are almost certain to land more fish than during the heat of the day. For deep sea fishing the advantage of fishing at night is also enhanced by the fact that at night the winds die down and the waters are calm enabling you to focus on your fishing instead of your possible seasickness and best of all no sunburns.

This submersible light is visible underwater up to 16 to 24 feet (5 to 7 meters) and is depth rated to 2,000 ft (610 meters) [note: Please ensure that you screw the cap tight so that it remains water tight at deep depths]. Give big game night fishing a try tonight with this underwater LED light and see if you can get a strike from a Halibut, Red Snapper, Swordfish or maybe even a Tuna.

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