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Fish Lights

Fish Lights

LED underwater fishing lights are long lasting battery operated fish lights deigned to attract game fish and to increase your catch! LED fishing lights can be used to catch game fish in the surf near the shore or for deep sea trolling. Also check out some of our glow stick products popular for use as fishing glow lights.

  • 2" Mini Glow Sticks - 24 HR
  • Mini LED Light Sticks

    2" Waterproof Mini LED Light Sticks

  • Flashing LED Fishing Lights

    Flashing LED Fishing Lights

  • LED Game Fishing Lights
  • 1.5" Mini Glow Sticks - 24 HR
  • 3" Glow Sticks

    3" Glow Sticks

  • 4" Glow Sticks with Hook 24 HR
  • 6" Glow Sticks with Hook 24 HR