LED Fishing Lights - Water Activated

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LED Fishing Lights - Water Activated is available to buy in increments of 4

- Flashing LED Fishing Lights - Water Activated!
- Deep drop rated to 300 Meters (1000 ft)
- Long Lasting 24 hour Glow Duration!
- LED Fish Attractor Activates When Placed in Water!
- Land Your Next Big Catch by Attracting Fish with Light!

Deep Drop Water Activated LED Fish Lights!  Let's go fishing!  The big fish are going to bite if you have good bait and one of the best ways to attract them to your hook is with a light attractor!  Glowarehouse.com's unique water activated LED fish attractors can go down as far as 300 Meters (1000 ft) and are available in a selection of bright glow in the dark fish attracting flashing colors!  Land your next big catch by trying out different colors and finding out which color is the right one for the game fish in your area.  The glowing LED fishing light takes one AA battery and will light up for over 24 hours of continuous use.  To use, unscrew the two sections of the fish attractor and insert a AA battery and then tightly screw the two sections back together for a water tight seal.  The glow in the dark fish light will activate when placed in water. The LED water activated fishing lights have flashing LED lights.

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Glow Duration: Approx: 24 Hours+
Batteries: 1 AA (Not Included)
Width: 1 Inch (2.5 cm)
Length: 4 1/2 Inches (11.4 cm)
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