Stick On Circle Glow Badges

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- 3" wide Circle Shape Glow Badges!
- Use as fun Glow Craft Accessories!
- Emergency or Night Sport Markers!
- Name Tags! Promotions! Stick them on T-shirts!

Glow Badges are also available with Custom Printing

Stick On Glow Badges are the perfect portable and stickable light source for any occasion!  And at 3 inches wide, the bright glowing green badge will catch everybody's attention.  The Glowing Stick on Circle Shapes have a sticky back so you can attach it to any type of surface, including tables, chairs, walls, tents, boxes, boats, vendor booths, food carts, baseball caps, t-shirts, golf carts and any other places you can think of! Use the Glowing Circles as an eye catching costume accessory, as a handy camping light source or as an effective safety or night sports marker! Just peel, stick and glow!

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More Information
Glow Duration: Approx. 10 Hours
Shelf Life: Approx. 2 years if kept in original packaging
Length: Diameter - 3 1/2 Inches (8.3 cm)
Width: Thickness - 11/16 Inch (1.8 cm)