1.5 Inch Mini Glow Sticks - Assorted Color 50 Pack

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- Assorted Color Mini Glow Sticks - 50 pc pack!
- 10 Green, 10 Blue, 10 Red, 10 Pink, 10 Yellow!
- Small Size with Bright Glow!
- Create Glowing Easter Eggs!
- Glow in the Dark Crafts! Fishing! Camping!


1.5 Inch Mini Glow Sticks are fantastic miniature glow sticks that have a small size but a big, bright glow!  The 50 piece assorted color combo pack comes with 1.5" Mini Glow Sticks in five bright colors - Green, Blue, Yellow, Red and Pink.  You can use the 1.5" Mini Light Sticks for fun party decorations - insert Mini Glow Sticks inside balloons at birthday or glow parties. Model enthusiasts have even used the miniature glow sticks as micro lighting for their projects. And for Easter, it's time for a glowing Easter Egg Hunt!  Just put the 1.5" glow stick into an Easter Egg to make it glow!

The 1.5 Inch Miniature Glow Sticks can also be used for night fishing, camping and for safety.  When night fishing, use glowing light sticks on the ends of your fishing rods as rod tip lights, use the 1.5" chemlight mini glow sticks as bobber markers or try using them as a fish attractor too.  The 1.5 Inch Mini Glow Sticks can also be used for camping to help mark trails, campsites and hazards in the evening or night.  And no problem if it rains, glow sticks are completely waterproof!  To activate, just bend the Miniature Chem Light Stick enough to break the internal capsule. Shake well to mix and start the glow!  Glowarehouse.com exclusively carries only Duralume brand glow sticks, glow necklaces and glow bracelets.  If you're looking for high quality, worry-free glow sticks, Glowarehouse.com is the place!

Not for use with Glowing Golf Balls, please check out the 1.5" Mammoth Mini Glow Sticks to use as Glow Golf Ball Inserts.

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Glow Duration: Approx. 4 Hours
Shelf Life: Approx. 1 Year if kept in foil packaging
Length: 1 1/2 Inches (3.8 cm)
Width: 3/16 Inch (.5 cm)