Light Up LED 8-Bit Pixel Sword

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- Light Up 8 Bit Pixel Sword with Sound!
- Epic Sword Fight Sound Effects!
- LEDs Glow Along the Length of the Blade!
- Comes with Batteries Already Installed!
- Glow in the Dark Parties! Halloween! Conquering Creepers!

Sold in quantities of 5. You will receive 2 Green, 2 Red and 1 Blue LED 8 Bit Sword. Price shown is per piece

It's time to begin your own 8 bit adventure with the Glow in the Dark 8 Bit Pixel Sword with Sound!  Now you're ready to light up your sword and blast your enemies with sound!  The Light Up Pixel Sword is the weapon you are going to need for your next minecraft birthday party, 8 bit inspired costume or epic quest.  At two feet long, this is a sword fit for only the mightiest 8 bit warriors.  At the push of a button the glowing pixel sword's blade erupts in light, and the unrelenting sword battle sound effects are unleashed.  The button to light up the sword and to activate the LED 8 bit sword's sound effects is located on the hilt under the cross guard.  Three AAA are included and installed with the sword.  To change the batteries, Unscrew the battery cover on the handle of the sword and slide it open to access the battery compartment.  Put in the batteries and slide it back into place.  It's time to be the 8 bit hero you were born to be.  Your 8 bit destiny is waiting.

Note: Sold in sets of 5. You will receive 2 Green, 2 Red and 1 Blue LED 8 Bit Sword. Price shown is per piece

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More Information
Glow Duration: 8+ Hours
Batteries: 3 pieces AAA Batteries (Included & installed)
Width: 2 5/8 inches (7 cm) - 5 1/2 inches wide at crossguard (14 cm)
Length: 23 1/4 Inches (59 cm)