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Light Up LED Golf Balls - 8 Mode Multi-Color


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Product Highlights:

- Multi-Color LED Glow Golf Balls
- 8 Color Modes all in one ball!
- 3 Layer, 80 Compression Golf Ball with Surlyn Cover
- Use a bright light source to activate!

Light Up LED Golf Balls - 8 Mode Multi-Color

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Product Details:

Multi-Color 8 Mode LED Glow Golf Balls have 8 color and light settings including a fun color changing mode. Night Eagle Lighted LED Golf Balls provide the high performance aerodynamics, accuracy and feel you expect from a professional golf ball with the added bonus of bright glowing colors! The LED Multi-Color Golf Balls require no inserts, have no timers and the sealed batteries have an estimated 14 hour battery life.

For a more consistent and brighter single color glow effect, check out our Single Color LED Glow Golf Balls.

Night Eagle LED Golf Balls use a new Light Activation Technology to activate and deactivate the glowing Golf Ball. Simply shine a bright Smart Phone Flash Light onto the activation circle on the Golf Ball to turn it on. Swipe the smart phone light over the activation circle in a slow motion over the circle to activate. Shine the same light onto the circle again to circulate through the color modes and to turn it off.

Multi-Color Light Up Glowing Golf Balls

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