Glo-Shot Glowing Shooter Injectors

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- Glowing Jello Shooter Injector Syringes!
- Sold in Sets of 3 with 1 Blue, 1 Green, 1 Pink
- Holds a 1.5 oz shot of Jello or Liquid!
- Bars & Clubs! Celebrations! Parties!

Sold in sets of 3 that include Green, Blue and Pink. Minimal order is 3 Packs. Price is per piece.

Glow in the Dark Shooter Injector Syringes will shoot some colorful jello fun into any glow party! The Glow-Shot Glowing Injector can deliver both liquid shooters and Jello shots! The Glo-Shot Injectors is sold in sets of 3 that include 1 Green, 1 Blue and 1 Pink glowing shooters. The Glo-Shot Injector is made from a Food Safe Grade plastic and will glow up to 6 hours. Prepare your favorite shots or Jello shots in this fun glowing injector syringe and have them all ready for the party. 
To activate the Glo-Shot Shooter Injector, just bend or squeeze to start the glow (Like a traditional Glow Stick). To fill up the Glo-Shot, place the end of the syringe into a Jello or Liquid shot and pull the plunger, which will load the shot. Then simply push the plunger to eject your favorite shot! Note: Don't put the Glo-Shot Injectors in the freezer as this will stop the glow reaction.

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Glow Duration: Approx. 4-6 Hours
Shelf Life: Approx. 2 years if kept in sealed tube
Length: 5 1/2 Inches (14 cm)
Width: 1 1/2 Inches (3.75 cm)