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Hand Helicopter Flying Disco Ball Toy


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Product Highlights:

- Flying Disco Ball Hand Helicopter!
- Use your hand to guide this cool Flying Disco Ball!
- Lights up with Bright Multi-Color LED Lights!
- Great Fun for the Backyard!

Hand Helicopter Flying Disco Ball Toy

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Product Details:

This fun Helicopter Disco Ball Toy glows with bright LED lights and is guided by your hand from the sensors on the bottom! Simply charge your Flying Disco Ball Helicopter Toy with the included USB charging cable and flick the power switch to watch your hand helicopter come to life! Let go of the Helicopter Ball and it will fly away shining glowing lights from the bottom crystal disco ball. The LED ball helicopter has sensors so you can use your hand to guide the helicopter up and down. When your flying ball helicopter runs out of power, simply plug it back into the USB charging cable to get it going again! While the flying ball toy is charging, a red LED light will shine inside the crystal ball. Once the light shuts off, the hand helicopter is fully charged and ready to fly again!

Flying Ball Helicopter Toy
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