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Drink Accessories

Drink Accessories

Brighten up the event with cool glowing drink accessories! Choose from a variety of glow straws, glowing stir-sticks, LED drink coasters, or light up serving trays. Glowing drink supplies are an excellent addition to any glow party, celebration, bar promotion or any other type of event requiring cool lighted drink accessories.

  • Glo-Shot Glowing Jello Shooter Injectors
  • Large Decor Light Base with Remote
  • Liquid Chaser Glow Straws

    Liquid Chaser Glow Straws

  • Glow Stick Straws

    Glow Stick Straws

  • Glowing Stir Sticks

    Glowing Stir Sticks

  • Light Up Drink Cherry
  • Light Up LED Serving Tray
  • label Light Up LED Drink Coasters

    Light Up LED Drink Coasters