1.5 Inch Mammoth Mini LED Light Sticks

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- 1.5 Inch Mini LED Light Stick!
- Miniature Battery Operated Glow Stick!
- Bright Glowing LED Lights!
- Balloon Lights, Costume Lights or Crafts!
- Waterproof!

1.5 Inch Mini LED Light Sticks are super-bright miniature battery operated glow sticks that can be used for a variety of crafts and hobbies! The 1.5 Inch LED Light Stick can be used for such purposes as marking campsites and trails, mini battery operated glow sticks for emergency kits, glow in the dark party balloons or anything else that you may require a miniature LED Light Stick for.  And they're the perfect battery operated glow stick for night fishing - much brighter than tradtional chemlights, these waterproof light sticks are the perfect bobber light, rod tip light and can even be used for attracting fish.

Instructions: Remove the two pieces from the foil packaging. Place the plastic end cap the pin into the larger piece and press together. The LED lights will activate. The miniature batteries are sealed and not repleacable.

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Batteries: Sealed
Width: 1/4 Inch (0.63 cm)
Length: 1.5 Inches (3.81 cm)
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