Military Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks and Light Sticks for Military, Search & Rescue and Law Enforcement. Our Premium 12 hour 6” Glow Sticks are an extremely high quality, durable and dependable glow stick specially made to comply to U.S. military specifications. Our glow sticks have been used all over the world for training and real world exercises and have been used by the US military in Iraq, Afghanistan and Kuwait, as well as exercises at Fort Bragg, Fort Knox and on the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

The U.S. Coast Guard, Police Departments, Fire Departments and Search and Rescue Teams, the Canadian Army, Navy and Coast Guard and the Royal Air Force have all used our glow sticks too. Military Glow Sticks and Light Sticks in Canada from

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  1. Glowing 7" LED Light Sticks
    7 Inch LED Light Sticks
  2. Glowing LED Marker Light Sticks
    14 Inch Glowing LED Marker Sticks with Ground Stakes
  3. 6 Inch Glow Stick with Long Lasting 12 Hour Glow
    6 Inch Glow Sticks - 12 Hour Premium
  4. High Intensity 6 Inch Glow Sticks with 30 Minute Glow
    6 Inch Glow Sticks - 30 Minute High Intensity
  5. Ultra Bright Glow Sticks
    6 Inch Glow Sticks - 5 Minute Ultra Intensity
  6. 3 Inch Small Blue Glow Sticks
    3 Inch Glow Sticks
  7. 4 inch glow sticks
    4 Inch Glow Sticks
  8. 4" Safety Glow Sticks with Stands
    4 Inch Glow Sticks with Stand
  9. Safety Glow Stick Markers
    10 Inch Glow Sticks with Ground Stake
  10. 12" Glow Sticks
    12 Inch Glow Sticks
  11. Large Safety Chemlight Glow Stick
    15 Inch Glow Sticks
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