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6" Glow Sticks with Hook 24 HR


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Product Highlights:

- Long Lasting 6 Inch 24 Hour Glow Sticks!
- Special Powder Based Formula Glows for 24 Hours!
- Comes with Removable Cap & Plastic Clip!
- Use for Emergency or Road Side Safety Kits!
- Popular for Night Fishing, Camping, Safety Markers!

6" Glow Sticks with Hook 24 HR

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Product Details:

Our 4 Inch long-lasting Glow Sticks, made with our extra-long-lasting luminescent powder glow formulation, will put you in charge of the fun, games and sports — or unexpected emergency situation. These 4" glow sticks will last a full 24 hours without dimming or losing intensity. The powerful, reliable and tough 4" 24 hour Glowsticks are ready to handle the most challenging night time conditions and shed light on whatever you need to see. Life throws challenges at us, none tougher to master than those in the dark. Whether at play or at work, or even in a serious emergency situation, these bright 24 hour Glow Sticks will help you accomplish your goals and master the situation even in the darkest of circumstances.

Going night fishing? Going hunting? Camping? Hiking? Mountain climbing? Take a bundle of these 4 Inch 24 hour Glow Sticks with you to let your companions know where you are at all times. When camping, hook the 4" light sticks on to your buddies or kids so you can always keep them in sight. Fishermen in the know love these 4 Inch 24 hour lighted Glow Sticks and so do the fish!

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: Length 6 Inches (15.24 cm)
Dimensions: Width 11/16 Inch (1 cm)
Glow Duration Approx. 24 Hours
Shelf Life Approx. 3 years if kept in fail package
Packaging Individually foil wrapped