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Weddings - Lighted Decor

Weddings are happy occasions, full of joy and hope for the bride and groom, but also a kind of ritual reaffirmation of the ultimate value of matrimony for all of the guests as well. Wedding guests feel a sense of partaking in something much larger than themselves and even the good wishes felt for the wedding couple. As they say, it’s “the holy state of matrimony!” Yes, it’s a time for a glorious, memorable celebration! has everything you need to make the rehearsal dinners, wedding reception and related banquets a spectacular show of color and light.

Table decorations are all-so-important at weddings, and our Light-Up Ice Cubes are the perfect medium for creating splendiferous, compelling table center pieces and decorations. The lighted ice cubes can be piled, scattered, grouped and aggregated into any shape or pattern you want and relied upon to twinkle and flash all night long. Available in 4 great solid colors—red, green, blue and purple—they can even be used in crystal goblets! If you prefer, you can use our multi-color glow ice cubes which flash and change through a panorama of lovely colors. Imagine a punch bowl with bunches of our light up ice cubes in it! Talk about a beautiful, resplendent attention grabber! Both kinds of light up ice cubes are customizable with your own personal message or imprint for just a few cents more, and they make great little party mementos for your guests! Visit (customized wedding lighted products) to learn more and to place your imprinted order.

Champagne is the traditional refreshment and toasting drink at weddings, and if you want to really make an impression and create an exciting, happy mood, be sure to use our terrific light up champagne glasses. They are incomparable in lending spirit and significance to the bubbly they contain! Our champagne glasses are available in multi-color or solid colors—in a veritable rainbow of colors so you can match or harmonize with the bride’s chosen colors for the wedding. Imagine your delighted reception guests toasting each other and sipping their champagne from colorful, radiant, ever-changing lighted champagne glasses. Any wedding is instantly conferred a special, elevated status when champagne is served in these flutes. Our solid color lighted champagne glasses are hard to beat as well. These colorific lighted glasses have internal LED lights that shoot up through the center stem of the glass to infuse the entire drink with a gorgeous lighted effect. Both kinds of champagne glasses are customizable with any imprint you want—date, bride and groom names, etc.--by visiting (personalized light up glasses) and they make great party favors for your guests!

For other party decorations and to add visual interest and texture to the scene order our LED Flicker flame candles, soft glowing décor lamps and fiber optic lamps. All are perfectly safe for party lighting and a great colorific alternative to messy, risky traditional candles. They emit a soft ambient light drenched with unbeatable color and are guaranteed to last all night long. You can choose from shapes and colors to create just the perfect effect you’re after. Our fiber optic lamps are great for creating emphasis or drawing attention to a spot, for they subtly and gradually shift colors in a mesmerizing gentle way.

For outdoor lighting and traffic direction, get some of our 4” glow sticks with stands and spike marker ball lights. They are great for marking pathways and areas in gardens and pointing out pedestrian hazards too!

All of these great glow and light up products from (light up wedding supplies) are hand-checked for quality and safety and 100% guaranteed industrial grade. Buy with confidence that you are getting the best products available that you can use with pride!

Glow and Lighted Products
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