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Valentine's Day Light Up Items

“Be mine, Valentine!” We’ve got more brilliant, colorful ways to ask someone to be your sweetheart and to declare your undying love than you can imagine! And all of them are absolutely stunning and impossible to ignore! The poet said, “My love is like a red, red rose . . . .” and red is truly the color of lovers and love. has Red in spades! True red, too, for true love.

Start by adorning your sweet self and your sweetheart for Valentine’s Day and choose from our vast selection of glow and light up products that say, in so many words, Smooch! I love you! We have, for starters, the best blinking, flashing body lights to use as anchors or focal points for your Valentine’s Day Ensemble. We’ve got blinking, flashing body lights in the following fabulous shapes: Double Hearts shot through with cupid’s arrow, Big Smoochy Red Lips, and a color-changing Heart. Put two on either shoulder as epulets and one smack dab over your heart! All three are customizable with whatever you’d like to say, whether it’s “I love you,” your sugar-pie’s name, the initials of both of you, whatever your bursting with love heart desires.

Next add more jazz and spice to your look with our brilliantly red 22 Inch glow necklaces and stupefyingly romantically red 8 Inch glow bracelets. If you want to really further redden up your look, use several of each! You can also link them together and wrap them around your waist and legs—if you’re “that much in love!” Or weave them around your other accessories like scarves, purses and belts to great luminous and gorgeously red effect. Then attach some terrific red 4 Inch and 6 Inch glow sticks to belt loops, purses, or wrists—your every move will receive mesmerized attention from your sweetie and everyone else who sees you!

If you really want to get specific with a message that cannot be missed, order some of our Programmable T-shirts and LED Message Belt Buckles to announce your love to the world. You can put up to 5 programmed messages and rotate through all of them. The message will come through loud and clear!

For party decorations—even if it’s just a “party of two”—we’ve got everything it takes to turn the scene into a flashing, throbbing, strobing beating heart. String the scene—or yourself—with Red EL Wire. It’s suitable for enhancing every aspect of a room, tables, lamp bases, columns, room dividers, everything in sight. Then strategically place some of our fabulous Heart Shaped Décor Lamps around the room. They gradually change color and provide soft ambient light—sooo romantic!

Now of course you’re going have a little of the bubbly or some spirits of one kind or another to celebrate. So do it in style, make a statement, a very big statement to your sweetie with our Red Light Up Ice Cubes, Red Lighted Martini Glasses, Champagne and Wine glasses. Everything goes down better on Valentine’s Day when it’s in dazzling glowing red lights!

All glow and light up products from (quality glow sticks and light up products) are hand-checked for quality and guaranteed 100% industrial grade.

Glow and Lighted Products
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