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Night Fishing Glow Sticks & Light Sticks

If you are an avid fisherman, or if you know one, you need to hear about the unbelievable results fishermen obtain at night using our glow sticks. It’s almost not fair to the fish! Poor delectable yummy things, if they didn’t taste so good fresh out of the water filleted, grilled, fried, baked and as sushi, we wouldn’t be bothering them all the time. And now there’s the fish oil health craze which further legitimizes the fisherman’s insatiable appetite for reeling the little darlings in, one right after another—if only he/she can! Grouper, Red Snapper, Tuna, Swordfish, Flounder, Rainbow Trout, Sea Bass…everyone has a favorite recipe for each, and once the word really gets out about the extreme efficaciousness of night fishing glow sticks in attracting these savory elusive denizens of the oceans and waterways, there will be more of them on tables everywhere, nicely garnished with coleslaw and hush puppies, than ever before!

Pity the poor fish, they think night fishing glow sticks are their version of gourmet delicacies. Their favorite foods twinkle and shine with color underwater in the dark, unfortunately for them, just the way glow light sticks do. One day they may figure this out, one day an evolutionarily smarter race of fish may appear, but until it does, let’s go fishing with glow sticks!

Our most popular glow sticks with the night fishing crowd are our minis and a selection of our shorter varieties. The 1.5 Inch Mini Light Sticks perform like champs on the ends of fishing rods and as fish attractors. You always know where the rod and hook are and the fish find the color and light irresistible. They say angling is a lot like golf, it’s all in the wrist; well, what you do with your wrist is up to you, but the results will be exponentially better if you have a night fishing glow stick on your bobber or near your hook. One suspects even limp wrists could reel in record numbers of fish so equipped.

Get yourself a big bundle of 1.5 Inch Mammoth Mini Glow Sticks and let the good times roll! Thicker than the mini Glow Sticks, they pack a bigger light and color wallop on the ends of fishing rods. OK, more precise instructions:

Another insider fishing tip with glow sticks (Shhh! You heard it here first!): Put 6 – 10 glow sticks in your bait net before casting out. Fishermen report terrific results attracting bait fish with this method.

Next free insider tip: Many night fishermen report that glow sticks are especially effective in attracting fish in tepid to warm water. There are lots of mouthwatering fish that like nice warm water!

Final free tip! Do you like calamari? Lots of folks do. Glow Sticks are the ace in the hole for attracting squid and glow sticks are often used by knowledgeable fishermen when targeting squid at night!

That’s it! Get ‘em while they last. There may be a run on them when word gets out! And buy with confidence because all fine products from (Night Fishing Equipment) are hand-checked for quality and guaranteed 100% equal to any fish—that is, industrial grade.

Glow and Lighted Products
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