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Night Fishing Equipment (underwater fishing lights and bobbers) is your supplier for night fishing equipment. We carry underwater fishing lights, glow stick bobbers and light up fishing floats for lake fishing and deep sea fishing. Whether you are Shrimping in Louisiana, lake fishing for Crappie in Texas or casting a line for Red Snapper in the surf off of New England we have the night fishing products to ensure you have a successful night. All of our LED and glow fishing products are quality tested to ensure that they are bright, long lasting and durable. Our LED underwater fishing lights use long lasting batteries and our bobbers with glow sticks use industrial quality glow sticks to ensure that you have a bright fishing light all night.

If you are tired of crowded lakes and rivers, heat and sunburns or not having enough time to fish during the day then night fishing might be right for you. With night fishing you avoid the crowds of pleasure boaters and sunbathers at your favorite fishing spot and avoid the often uncomfortable heat of the day. Night fishing also enables you to schedule fishing into times of the day you may never have thought of. No longer do you have to sacrifice work or family to go fishing. With night fishing you can have both, you can enjoy work and family during the day and then head out on the water to relax with the temperate night and catch a few fish on your own schedule. Best of all catching fish is often easier at night since they rise to feed in the evening and can be attract to the light of our night fishing products.

Try our night fishing glow stick bobbers and floaters to fish for Walleye, Crappie, Small-mouth and Big-mouth Bass and Carp or try our deep sea underwater fishing lights to catch Swordfish, Red Snapper and Halibut. Our night fishing supplies are sure to make your night fishing enjoyable and rewarding so try night fishing tonight and see the difference LED light and glow can make!


Glow and Lighted Products
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