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Mardi Gras Light Up Party Supplies

Mark your calendars! Mardi Gras is the week ending with Fat Tuesday between February 3rd and March 9th. If you want to fully engage your mind, body and soul in the world’s ultimate street party, fueled by the best music on earth, incarnate in the best jazz bands on earth, the time to prepare is now! As someone important and famous once famously said, “Anticipation is half the joy of a joyous event.” Think of it, the parades, the masks, the throws from the outlandish floats, beads, begniers, café brulot diabolique, glittering balls, gorgeous floor-length ball gowns sweeping the fine wood floors and dancing (both formal and “otherwise”), and hot, spicy cajun dishes like jambalaya, red beans and rice, ratatouile, boulliabase! Get the picture? Pass the hot sauce! Make reservations at Antoine’s!

Whether you’re outfitting yourself to attend Mardi Gras or getting set for your own Mardi Gras extravaganza at home, has every conceivable lighted party flourish and decoration you need to light up a personage or scene in the old authentic French Quarter spirit and ouvre. Literally everything goes at Mardi Gras and we have plenty of everything that “goes!”

For your personal embellishment in honor of the occasion, we have the most colorific blinking-flashing-twinkling accessories you can imagine! You will want to make highly personal selections from our spectacular 22 Inch Mardi Gras Tri Color Glow Necklaces; 8 Inch purple, yellow and green glow bracelets; purple, yellow and green EL Wire and Blinky Flashy Body Lights. Other must-haves include our to-die-for Light Up Sunglasses, funky Programmable Belt Buckles, jazzy Equalizer T-shirts and inimitable, according to your whim, Programmable T-shirts. You will be a stunning, envied creation in your own right so luminously bedecked and festooned.

Dress for Mardi Gras success by arraying your neck with several 22 Inch glow necklaces, cuffing each of your wrists with a half dozen of our 8 Inch purple, yellow and green glow bracelets and punctuating your torso with a frenzied and funny assortment of our Blinky Flashy Body Lights (do the lips, the star, the guitar, the rainbow flag, smiley face and cowboy boot—at the very least!)! Then string glow in the dark necklaces together and create a lovely crown or laurel to wear over your hair—customary Mardi Gras enhancements where everyone is a king or a queen. Next link glow necklaces together and wrap them around your arms, waist and hips. You will be a human dynamo light show! Our 22” Glow Necklaces are 6mm thick - which is 20% thicker than most competitors’ 5mm thick Necklaces! And our Glow Necklace connectors come pre-attached, so there’s no fumbling with little bags of connectors.

Or! You could go another route and dress up in one of our dynamite Programmable T-Shirts which let you broadcast for all to see your own very specific message or comment! Yes, you can add your very own bright scrolling message to your shirt with our Programmable Message T-Shirts! These fun filled t-shirts give you the ability to pre-program up to 5 separate messages as well as give you control over how the message scrolls, the brightness at which it is displayed and the speed at which it scrolls. Express yourself and wow your friends as never before. Put one on and instantly become a Mardi Gras Lit Up Marquee!

If you’re hosting your own Mardi Gras at home you must take in an ample supply of our EL wire, Light Up ice cubes and glowing flashing barware. They are the basics of any heartfelt Mardi gras décor. Then don’t forget our LED Flicker flame candles and décor lamps for safe party lighting. It’s all about staging just the right Mardi Gras party scene and your guests are counting on you!

So the time for action is now and don’t hold back—you can depend on to bring you only the best hand-checked industrial grade glow and light Up Products—guaranteed!

Glow and Lighted Products
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