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Fundraising with Glow Products (Light Up Items for Charity Events)

The world is full of worthy causes, and nothing brings out the best in a person more quickly than donating to one. There is no shortage of needy people or animals, of diseases that must be conquered, of kids’ programs that need support, of nearly hopeless homeless cases… The list seems almost endless. Surely we all can do more and should.

If you are engaged in raising money for a charity you should consider the many fine glow products at They are attention grabbers and spritely and happy—they put a smile on the grimest face! And they are oh so affordable that you will be able to easily get a nice mark up above and beyond your purchase price. Many of our lighted items are customizable with logos, themes, imprints of all kinds, allowing you to effortlessly spread the good word and convey credit due to those kind folks who support your charity by buying them from you.

Among the most popular of our products are our 22 Inch Glow Necklaces and 8 Inch Glow Bracelets. You could use either or both as signs of “paid admission” to a charity event—or auction them off in groups. They are great items for any fund raising event, whether it’s a school dance, church group, galas and balls such as for the American Heart Association or the American Cancer Society, Junior League, the League of Women Voters, little league uniform fund raisers, relay events—anytime you want something smart, bright and colorful to offer your patrons.

Our unique and whimsical flashing body lights — available in a dizzying array of shapes, themes and colors—are also wildly popular for fundraising. They are just pure fun and everyone loves them!

We’ve also got plenty to offer for charity dinners and banquets—and silent auctions too! Our light up and flashing bar products are a mainstay with the charitable-minded for give-aways to donors or to sell or auction. We’ve got bar and light up drinking glasses of every conceivable kind, including light up wine glasses, lighted martini glasses, LED champagne glasses, margarita, lighted fountain glasses, rocks and old fashion glasses, flashing beer mugs-- and the colors are to die for. And there’s more! Our martini shakers, shot glasses (short or tall), glow swizzle sticks and straws really make an impressive visual statement on any bar, as do our fun-fantastic coasters, one of which you can program with lit up rotating messages that get attention all night long.

One of our most versatile products is the light up or flashing ice cube. Available in great colors and customizable, these light up ice cubes can be used as table decorations, center pieces and for punch bowls. They really do double duty for so many purposes and are so relatively inexpensive. Create themes or patterns with these lighted ice cubes and use your imagination! You’ll be surprised at the number of cool concepts you can come up with.

If you plan to hold an auction, you absolutely must take advantage of our gorgeous glow sticks as signals for bidders. The bidders will be so taken with the color and light they emit they will just bid higher and higher for the fun of using the glow stick. It’s quite a colorful “producer” in this function and people love to use them.

All of these fine products from are hand-checked for quality and safety and are guaranteed to be industrial grade, so you can be sure you are getting only the very best.

Glow and Lighted Products
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