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Christmas / Xmas Season Light Up Items

Christmas comes but once a year and when it does, it’s time to pull out all the stops for decorating and merry-making! knows what you need and want to put everyone in the Christmas spirit and to make the holidays a truly brilliant and beautiful time of year. The Christmas colors are red, green and peppermint and we’ve got more dazzling, glowing and flashing accessories and décor in these traditional holiday colors than you can imagine!

Start your Christmas decorating ritual by gussying up yourself and family members. Our Christmas Flashing Body Lights come in the shapes of twinkling, blinking Christmas Trees, a Snowman and Santa Claus himself. Wear them shopping and to work during the holidays and put a smile on everyone’s face who sees you. They come equipped with magnets to protect your clothing from damage from pins. Choose some red and green 22 Inch Glow Necklaces and 8 Inch Glow Bracelets to carry out the theme with joyous accessories. The glow necklaces and bracelets also can be used for super decorations around the house.

For holiday parties when you really want to go all out, bedeck and festoon yourself with our scintillating Light Up Sunglasses, Programmable Message Belt Buckles, Light Up T-shirts! Our Light Up Sun Glasses will make you a Christmas mystery and spark laughs and giggles from all you encounter. Our programmable Belt Buckles and T-Shirts allow you to spread Christmas cheer in blinking rotating lit up holiday messages and are real attention getters. All of these items also make terrific Christmas gifts, so order some extra because when your friends and family see you in them they’re going to want some for themselves!

For Christmas church services and nativity scenes, order in an ample supply of our Safe Flame Candles (flameless candles), and 6 Inch Glow Sticks (many churches can no longer have real candles for safety reasons and these are great substitutes). They will create a joyous celebratory mood for the occasion. You can use them also for your Christmas holiday parties along with our great colorful Fiber Optic Lamps, LED Flicker Flame Candles and Décor lamps. They really brighten up a scene with color and light and provide perfectly safe party lighting. Arrange them around a room, use them for table decorations, place them on stair steps—they’ll work anywhere to set the scene for a memorable Christmas party. Work into your party décor our 7 Inch Tornado Glow Sticks with the red stripe with white glow—peppermint twists. They make happy, merry candy cane decorations that shine brightly all night long!

To make your Christmas partying extra special pick and choose from our huge selection of colorful Light Up Bar Products. We have an assortment of glasses of all kinds and sizes in every color imaginable and they will provide a mesmerizing light show for all your guests. And don’t forget our Light Up Ice Cubes and Coasters in every conceivable color, all of which will twinkle, blink and flash throughout the night for the longest party. These make great gifts too!

Other great Glow gifts include our Light Up Wine Glasses, Magic Spinner Wands and Swords, and Light Up Umbrellas (Twilight Umbrellas). They’re all about fun and bedazzlement! They create a sense of play and innovation wherever they’re used.

Buy with confidence from, for all of our Glow products are hand-checked for quality and are guaranteed to be 100% industrial grade!

Glow and Lighted Products
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