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Canada Glow Sticks and Party Supplies

“O Canada! Our home and native land!” July 1st is Canada Day and time to celebrate with everything red and white, maple leaf earrings and bandanas, hockey jerseys and the indispensable maple leaf-shaped cake! Load in the Molson beer, plan the picnics, barbeques, check the date and time of the parades, free concerts, fairs and festivals! What a great excuse to party, eh? has everything you need to make your celebration truly scintillating and historic—body lights, jewelry, blazing red and white glow sticks and yards and yards of red and white EL wire. You will light up the night sky with your sizzling show of raucous righteous Canadian patriotism and draw a crowd of wondering admirers!

Show your love for the glorious Red and White with our sparkling, strobing Canadian Flag Magnetic Body Light Flashers. The Flashing Body Light is outfitted with a useful attached magnet so it is easily attachable to any piece of clothing without any danger of piercing or tearing your valuable “threads.” If you’re hosting a party, get in a supply for all of your guests; you’ll blow their minds with your inventiveness and creativity, and they will proudly and luminously show the national colors while they party as a group of lit up nationalistic “zealots!” You can bet that some Molsonized guests will want several for various areas of their physiques.

Canada Flag Body Lights are a great match with our slam-dunk Red and White 22 Inch Tornado Glow Necklaces. After all, why stop embellishing yourself with just one light up accessory when you can add panache and flair to your neck as well with riveting swirls of our national colors? For contrast, color and excitement in your party ensemble, there’s no better glowing accessory than our 22 inch Tornado Glow necklaces. A stripe of contrasting color winds around the exterior, creating an unusually vivid and energized optical effect. Put one or more of these Tornado Glowing Necklaces around your neck and you instantly become the center of attention at any party, rave, carnival or fair. Our 22” Tornado Glow Necklaces are 6mm thick - which is 20% thicker than most competitors’ 5mm thick Necklaces! And our Glow Necklace connectors come pre-attached, so there’s no awkward fumbling with little bags of connectors when you are handing them out.

Next item on your party prep “to do” list is decorating the Canada Day party area with patriotic gusto and verve. What better way than to string, stream, wrap, dangle and hang just about everything in sight with our Red, White and Green EL Wire? Easy to manage, totally flexible and capable of holding any shape you can imagine, this is the most efficient, economical and glorious way to accomplish your lighted design feats and flights of imagination. Tables, bars, beer kegs, chairs, trees, ice buckets—everything is fair game for adornment with Canada’s national lighted colors and will take on mesmerizing life and enchantment thus enhanced.

There, you’ve got it—everything you need to make your Canada Day bash a light up and glowing event for the record books. Your bedazzled and amused guests will party down hearty into the wee hours under the influence of glowing, sparkling and twinkling light. You will be universally acclaimed a party genius. O Canada! What a wowzer celebration, compliments of (light up party supplies) merchandising ingenuity and your impeccable lighted party instincts.

Don’t forget our trademark guarantee—all our products are 100% industrial grade, hand-checked and sure to please.

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