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Banquets - Light Up Glassware and Dining Decor

Whether it’s an awards banquet for a little league team or the National Book Awards Banquet, understands what you need to make it an unqualfied success. We are your one-stop-shop for dazzling and colorful décor, glassware, barware, special lighting and hot-hot give-aways for the guests.

All banquets need knock-‘em dead table decorations, beautiful props that will get approving attention from the guests. (light up glasses and decor) has gotten banquet table decorations down to a fine art. Start with groupings of our light up ice cubes. Aggregate them in patterns, scatter them through floral arrangements, range them around table edges—use your imagination! Choose colors in keeping with the theme of the banquet, and don’t forget to include a bunch in the punch bowl. Depending on the setting you choose, the lighted ice cubes will flicker, flash or remain on solid state dependably all evening long. You can also have the light up ice cubes customized with your logo, theme or special message and use them as give-aways to guests. People love them! Check with for details and to place your imprinted order.

Our 22 Inch Glow Necklaces come in a variety of great colors and our super versatile EL wire can also add luminescence and light-infused color to table decorations. The glow necklaces can be linked to form longer twirls of light-rich color and the EL Wire will wind, drape, dangle and do just about anything you ask of it. The shapes of both the glow necklaces and EL wire add further visual texture to any effect you are trying to create. Experiment with both and you will be amazed at what you come up with!

Next entertain yourself and your whimsy with the possibilities inherent in our LED Flicker flame candles, décor lamps and fiber optic lamps. They provide soft, beautiful ambient lighting and special effects for focal points and areas you want to emphasize. Best of all, they are totally safe for party lighting, doing the duty of real candles without the drippy waxy mess and risky flames. Our décor lamps come in wonderful creative shapes, balls, stars, hearts, eggs and a wide variety of colors, some of which even mutate among several colors gently and slowly, providing a lot of visual interest. Our Fiber Optic Lamps are a real crowd pleaser and hypnotically and subtly move from one color to another, creating a major impression on all viewers as well as providing soft ambient light to the immediate surrounding area.

Moving onto the next area of consideration, your banquet glassware presents a terrific opportunity for a spectacularly colorful light show and another means of wowing your guests. We have every conceivable kind of light up glass in a rainbow of colors, and they will twinkle, flash and glow throughout the entire banquet, delighting and entertaining your banquet guests for hours. Get light up glassware in solid colors or in twinkly light up flashing colors that change—you can’t go wrong with either! We’ve got lighted wine glasses, margarita, martini, champagne, rocks, old fashion, light up fountain glasses—and more. We’ve also got the beer scene covered, whether it’s root beer or Molson or Bud, with frosty cooler mugs or light up beer mugs. Further add to your bar repertoire with our twinkling swizzle sticks and straws, our shot glasses (both short and tall) and our unique assortment of light up and flashing coasters. We even have a programmable coaster that will send your message unrelentingly all night long for all to see!

Purchase all your glow and light up décor, barware and accessories from (light up glasses) with complete confidence that you are getting the best glow products available on the market today. All are hand-checked for quality and safety and are guaranteed to be industrial grade.

Glow and Lighted Products
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