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American Patriotic Lighted Products

Fireworks! Sizzling, savory hot dogs and ‘burgers! Ice cold beer, watermelons and lots of cheer! The quintessential American Holiday is July 4th—Independence Day. Set deep in the heart of summer, when nature is flush with green and color, and the favorite family gathering place is outdoors next to a fired up grill, July 4th demands extravagant shows of celebration and national spirit! Add zest and extra energy to your July 4th celebration with perfectly brilliant props and light up décor from

Make a red-white-and-blue statement from top to bottom and begin by populating your event with guests brightened and made positively dazzling with our national colors in light. For starters, outfit each partier with our USA Flag Shape Magnetic Body Lights and then give them away as party favors when they’re finally partied out and have to leave. The USA Flag LED Flashers will be a lasting memento of great times spent with great friends. With each of your guests thus bedecked with this blinking badge of honor, you will not only create a efflorescent human display of national pride, but will also unite them in the patriotic partying spirit! Your guests will love these big beautiful LED body lights! You can take it to the max by customizing the body lights with the date, party theme, guests’ names or anything you like for only a few cents more. Check out the customizable options and place your order by visiting our affiliate site,

Having decorated your guests, your next project should be party décor, and has got the red-hot red-white-and- blue goods that will really do the trick. Turn your party scene into a stunning, unforgettable “Americana” panorama with our USA Glow Sticks; our Red, White and Blue Glow Sticks and our Red, White and Blue EL wire.

Our super 7.5 Inch USA Glow Sticks are equipped with a useful loop and lanyard that gives you added display flexibility. These intensely lighted swirls of the national American colors create an eye-catching, unmistakable patriot statement. The Glow Stick / Light Stick itself is a brightly shining white light with striking red and blue swirls twirling all around it. The loop and lanyard on the tip of these patriotic Glow Sticks make them easy to hold in your hand or to attach to nearly anything, clothing, purses, jackets, belt loops and almost any object large or small. Decorate table tops, line driveways and pathways, adorn yourself and friends with strings of multiple Glow Sticks strung together to emphasize the nationalistic effect, and bunch or aggregate the 7.5 Inch USA Glowsticks on mailboxes, in windows and on your car or truck to put everyone in a festive patriotic mood. Nothing gets more attention and approval and says you’re “proud to be an American” better than this—and in a way that is impossible to ignore! Combine these with our solid red, white and blue 6 Inch Glow Sticks and you’ve cranked up the visual interest and intensified the light effect in the entire scene.

Further embroider your party space with the dramatic effect of Red, White and Blue EL wire. The EL Wire Kits are one of the most versatile products we carry. Using electroluminescent technology, this 6 foot long strand of wire glows intensely brightly and has a strobe effect as well as a solid steady light mode. The EL Wire Kit comes with an attached battery pack that makes replacing batteries super easy so your creation will never dull. String and wrap the national tricolors around everything in sight or create vivid patriotic tableaus with artistic effects. Use them with striking results on bars, tables, doorways—even on your party attire. So flexible and totally bendable into any shape, you will be inspired and delighted by your lighted “wired” creations and want to use it everywhere.

Independence Day will never be the same for your guests after you’ve treated them to your tricolor improv décor—even the fireworks will pale next to your impassioned and brilliantly lit statement of national pride!

Buy with confidence from (glow sticks)—all our products are hand-checked for quality and guaranteed to be 100% industrial grade.

Glow and Lighted Products
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