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Professional Night Golf
(Glow in the Dark Golf)
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Night Golf Introduction

Further your playing time; increase the challenge of your game and experience golf in a whole new way with night golf products from Our glow in the dark golf products are all industrial quality for high durability and brightness that enable you to play golf at the best time of the day; during the relaxing evening and night.

With no crowds, less heat and extra fun, playing golf at night is the perfect fit for the busy golfing enthusiast. No longer will golf time have to compete with work time during the day. Now you can complete your work with ease and know that the golf course is still waiting for you even late at night. Plus you get the added excitement of challenging your game in a whole new dark environment. You've played golf in the day a million times. Now its time to up your game and see how well you can do with glow in the dark golf at night.

Night golf doesn't just add value for the players. It also adds value for the golf courses too. By playing at night golf courses can extend their time of play for members and add another revenue stream. Night golf also offers golf courses the ability to host more tournament events. No longer do golf courses have to take day golfing time away from their members for tournaments and charity events. Now they can keep the days open as regular and add those tournaments to the open time slots at night.

With night golf you open up a whole new world for your golf course. With so many different types of games you can play at night from friendly putting to professional tournaments your players will always be amazed. Plus having your players want to stay at your course after dark is a great way to increase revenue at the club house bar, especially if you purchase our optional light up bar products to keep the lighted theme going.

Night Golf Games / Tournaments

Complete 18 Hole Tournaments

Replicate your regular tournaments at night with the increased challenging of playing in the dark. Our tournament grade glow in the dark golf balls will travel 80% of the distance of a regular golf ball making game play almost the same as golf in the day. Plus playing with glow really brings out your players creativity. Feel free to switch up your regular 18 hole tournaments with new team events, scrambles, best ball and others. By adding glow in the dark to your game everything becomes new and exciting.

Nine Hole Dine and Shine

The perfect game for parties and charity events. With nine hole dine and shine games you can play nine holes in the light then have a banquet dinner at the club house followed by nine more holes of glow in the dark golf afterwards. These games give your players a taste of both day and night golf at your course with the perfect social dinner break in the middle. Plus if you use our light up bar products at your dinner it will be an even greater attraction.

Putting Challenges

Putting challenges with night golf balls are great for adult or family events. Putting in the dark with glow can be a real thrill for kids and a challenging contest for adults. The best part of putting challenges is that they don't require a lot of organization and can be extra fun if you do mixers that mix up the people and get to know someone new while your having an awesome glowing time.

Glow in the Dark Golf Instructions and Tips

Using the Glow in the Dark Golf Ball

  1. Bend the Mammoth Mini glow stick to activate it.
  2. Insert the Mammoth Mini glow stick into the opposite hole end to where the 'S' is marked on the night golf ball.
  3. Before each stroke be sure to reposition the night golf ball so that club head strikes parallel to the glow sticks.
  4. To ensure that the ball remains perfectly balanced check that the glow stick is centered within the ball before each stroke.
  5. To replace the glow stick inside the night golf ball use a Tee or similar item and push the glow stick out. Push the glow stick from the small end marked 'S' out to the larger end. Then replace the glow stick as instructed in step 2.
  6. Each player should mark their ball with a marker to minimize confusing with other players night golf balls.

NOTICE: Please note that glow in the dark golf balls are not real golf balls and have a driving distance of 80% of a regular golf ball.
DISCLAIMER: Only use irons to drive glow in the dark golf balls. Never use new thin faced or hybrid golf clubs as they may become damaged.

Setup the Glowing Golf Course

  1. Players: Mark each player with a 22" glow necklace so that they are visible on the course. You can even use different color glow necklaces to identify different teams. Also consider giving each player a 6" glow stick to use to find clubs and record scores.
  2. Tee-Offs: Use either two 4" glow sticks with stands or two Spiked Marker balls to mark where tee offs are on the course.
  3. Fairways: Use a few 6" glow sticks to mark fairway distances or use a lot and make the fairway look like an airport runway.
  4. Hazards: Use 6" glow sticks to mark hazards. Be sure to choose a different color 6” glow stick for fairways and hazards so that players don't get confused.
  5. Flags: Light up flags with 12” glow sticks so they can be seen clearly from great distances.
  6. Holes: Light up holes with either 13” Twister glow sticks or wrap around a 22” glow necklace.