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The Spiked Marker Ball is an absolute must have for your night golf tournaments or late night sports games! Every press of the power button will give a different lighting effect up to a total of eight different color modes. The various color settings range from "the rainbow" color transition setting or single color settings such as blue, green and red. The ability to change the desired color mode will allow you to use the markers to highlight different areas of your playing course such as red for sandtraps or blue for water hazards and green for the tee blocks. You can also use the light up Spiked Marker Balls to quickly light up garden paths, indicate parking areas and they make great garden party decorations too!


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Technical Specifications

SKU - Part:


Light Duration:

Approx. 12 to 20 hours (depending on the setting)


Ball Diameter: 3 inches (7.6 cm) Spike Length: 3 inches (7.6 cm)


Individually Boxed


2 pcs CR2032 Batteries (Included and Replaceable)