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Light Up LED Ice Cubes - White




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Light Up Ice Cubes are the fastest and most colorful way to punch up your nightime party atmosphere and to put a sparkle in everyone’s eye. These glowing ice cubes come fully assembled with the batteries already installed - just push the button to Light the ice cubes up! The lighted ice cubes are available in Blue, Green, Pink, Red and White. Three different light settings are available on the light up ice cubes - single flash, double flash and steady light(non-flashing). The duration of the ice cubes is 24 hours with the flashing setting and 12 hours on the steady light setting, so your light up ice cubes will last all night long!

Lighted ice cubes are great for weddings and anniversaries, special events and office parties, birthday parties, and New Year's Eve and holiday parties. Imagine every drink in the hands of your partygoers flashing brightly in the night and animating the party mood and spirit. Just pick the light up ice cube colors most in keeping with your party theme, add them to your guest's glasses, and suddenly you’ve kicked the party into high gear! Lighted ice cubes and blinking or flashing ice cubes have many decorative uses beyond livening up drinks with brilliant displays of color. At weddings and other celebrations you can add our lighted ice cubes to centerpieces and vases to light them up!

Customize your light up ice cubes with your event or company logo, or personal message that will impress everyone and linger in their memories, along with the great times they had at your party or event. Many imaginative, decorative customization ideas for light up ice cubes and other products are available at (personalized light up ice cubes).

Hand-checked for safety and quality, lighted ice cubes are the secret ingredient for any good time!

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Quality Assured

All of our LED products are hand checked before shipment for assured quality.

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Technical Specifications

SKU - Part:


Light Duration:

Approx. 12 to 24 hours, depending on the setting


Cubed: 1 3/16 inches (3 cm)


Trays of 8 pcs


Sealed Batteries