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4" Glow Stick with Elastic




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  • Flexible Elastic Loop
  • Stunning Party Accessory or Decorations

Get a good supply of our 4 Inch Glow Sticks with the elastic cap and get glowing with the fun! The elastic cap loop means you can attach them to just about anything obvious and anything you might just dream up! Put them on belt loops, Halloween costumes, add them to gift wrapping (great for kid's birthday presents), gift baskets, backpacks, you name it. The brilliant colors emit a gorgeous luminescent glow, which lasts 6 to 8 hours long, meaning these 4" glow sticks are sure to make it through the longest party with consistently vivid colorful light.

The elastic cap makes these 4 Inch Glow Sticks perfect for any night time activity. Wrap them around your bike’s handle bars and other parts for safety when biking in traffic at night. Attach the glowsticks to sports uniforms or light up the net or goal when playing night sports! If you want people to notice your sports equipment, uniform or vehicle at night, just add glow sticks! Stick the glow sticks on pom poms and other fan paraphernalia for night games. Wear several 4" light sticks around your wrists to make a one person light show when you dance!

And the 4" Glow Sticks can be custom printed to! To add your own personal imprint or logo, visit (promotional 4" glow sticks) and customize the 4 Inch Glow Stick for just a few cents more.

Buy with confidence from (glow sticks), knowing all our products are hand-checked for quality and are guaranteed industrial grade.

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Quality Assured

All of our glow sticks are industrial grade for assured quality.

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Technical Specifications

SKU - Part:


Light Duration:

Approx. 6-8 Hours


Length with cap: 4 3/4" (12 cm) Length w/out cap: 4" (10 cm) Diameter: 3/8" (1 cm)


10 pcs per foil bag

In Stock Colors: