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Light Up Beer Mugs (Flashing Mugs)




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What better way to charm your party guests than with the flashy Lighted Beer Mug from This serious beer drinker’s (or root beer drinker's or ice cream float drinker's!) mug has no less than six internal LED lights that flash on and off, creating a dazzling light show of whirling moving colors. The Light Up Beer Mug has a small sensor placed on the bottom of the mug, which causes the light show to stop when the mug is set down, and to re-activate the mug when it is picked up. The Light Up Beer Mugs are great for special events, beer garden fundraisers, birthday parties and backyard BBQs, and anywhere else people are having a good time!

A great way to make the party crowd remember your great event is to custom print your logo, company name or slogan on the Lighted Beer Mug! To have your Light Up Beer Mugs customized and made memorable, visit There you will find more great ideas as well, for they can suggest lots of creative ways you can emblazon your mug and give your guest's a memento they'll love!

Light Up Beer Mugs from are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and are made of food safe grade acrylic plastic.

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Quality Assured

All of our LED products are hand checked before shipment for assured quality.

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Technical Specifications

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Light Duration:

Approx. 24 hours


Height: 4 11/16 inches (12 cm) Volume: 17 oz (500 ml) Standard Beer Mug Size


Individually Boxed


4 pcs AG13 Batteries (Included and Replaceable)