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Eye-catching and clever, our colorful, glowing straws are also just plain cool to sip through and play with! Use the glow straws at your next party or celebration and your guests will be amused and entertained. These light up straws are true crowd pleasers and are fun for kids and adults alike! The glow straws get their luminescence from a small, highly mobile glow stick cunningly inserted into the straw. To get the cool light action going, all you have to do is bend the straw where the internal glow stick is situated, and instantly it comes to life with a brilliant, intense glow. Sipping your refreshments with the glow straws causes the glow stick / light stick to slide up and down the length of the straw! The dynamic and colorful glow straws require no assembly to get the fun started.

The dazzling Glowing Straws can also be custom printed with a personal message, theme, logo, company name or event. Visit (Custom Glow Straws) to order your custom imprinted straws and to get loads of other ingenious, creative ideas for putting a unique stamp or message on many other light up products. The Glow Straws are terrific promo items because they’re inexpensive, unique and fun to use! They’re extremely versatile and well suited for any party, wedding reception, banquet or corporate promo. The possibilities are truly endless!

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Technical Specifications

SKU - Part:


Light Duration:

Approx. 4 hours


Length: 8 13/16 inches (22.5 cm) Diameter: 5/16 inch (0.7 cm)


24 pcs per pack

In Stock Colors: