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Glowing Night Ball




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The Glowing Night Ball is a very popular light up ball and is great fun for juggling, glowing ball tag or late night street hockey! Unlike regular glow-in-the dark balls, you don't have to "charge" the ball with light - Just activate the glow stick, then wet it and poke it into the ball and it glows for hours. And it comes with two sticks, so if your night game goes into double over time, so will the Glowing Night Ball! The plastic night ball has an open hole surface so you can slip the included glow stick into the ball to get it glowing with a bright green light. So keep the games going all night long with the fun filled Glowing Night Ball!

And before you start your glowing night sport, remember to grab some 22" glow necklaces to light up the players and lay out the court!

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Technical Specifications

SKU - Part:


Light Duration:

Approx. 6 Hours


Diameter: 2 3/4 inches (7 cm)


Individually Packaged (comes with 2 glow sticks)