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Light Up LED Champagne Flutes - Blue, Green, Red and White




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Light up the bubbly with Light Up Champagne Flutes! Instantly add color and light to your event with fun Light Up Champagne Glasses! The LED Champagne Flutes are available in Blue, Green, Red and White. Perfect for banquets, wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation parties, New Year's Eve and special events, brilliantly lighted stemware from is guaranteed to brighten and energize the occasion and make it a memorable event.

Thinking of putting your event, logo or company name on the Light Up Champagne Flutes? All of our LED Light Up Stemware is also customizable so you can custom imprint your own personal message or company logo directly on the glass itself and create a lasting, memorable message for your special event. Visit (Customized Champagne Glasses) for details and inspiration.

LED Champagne Glasses from are lit from within by internal LED (light emitting diodes) that shine up through the center stem of the glass to create a beautiful lighted effect on the liquid inside the glass. The Light Up Champagne Glasses are made from food safe grade acrylic plastic, and quality checked by our quality control personnel. The bubbly has never been more appealing than when served in Light Up Champagne Glasses!

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Quality Assured

All of our LED products are hand checked before shipment for assured quality.

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Technical Specifications

SKU - Part:


Light Duration:

Approx. 12 to 20 hours, depending on the setting


Height: 9 inches (22.5 cm) Volume: 7 oz (207 ml) Standard Champagne Glass Size


Individually Boxed


3pcs AG13 Batteries (Included and Replaceable)

In Stock Colors: