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Birthday Cake Body Light




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Brighten up the next birthday celebration with our Birthday Cake Body Lights! Birthday Cake Body Flashers go great with Glow Sticks as an inexpensive party accessory - and you've got an instant glowing birthday party! To convert the blinky birthday pin into a great light up birthday pendant, check out our Body Light Pendant Necklace

With an endless option of available shapes, you are sure to find the design you are looking for. If you can't find a shape that suits your needs then you could always ask us to create your very own Custom Designed Body Light! Send us your company logo or design idea and how many LED lights you would like on your personalized body light, or feel free to give us a call, toll-free, at 1-877-233-GLOW(4569)and we can help you design the perfect shape you are looking for.

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Technical Specifications

SKU - Part:


Light Duration:

Approx. 12 hours Continuous Use


Height: 1` 3/16 inches (3 cm) Width: 1 inch (2.5 cm) Depth: 9/16 inch (1.5 cm)


Individually Package


2pcs CR927 (included and replaceable)