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6" Glow Sticks with Hook 24 HR Mix




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  • Comes with Handy Hook-Clasp
  • Shines Brightly for 24 Hours

Our 6 Inch 24-hour Glow Sticks are unrivaled for brilliance and durability. Equipped with a handy hook clasp, the 6" 24 hour Powder Glow Sticks easily attach to clothing, sporting equipment, backpacks and just about anything else you want to mark and illuminate. Our special glow powder mix is bright, consistent and incredibly long lasting, and you can count on these Glow Sticks to glow reliably through the night and into the early daylight hours. Sportsmen of all stripes find a multitude of uses for these light sticks, as do military and law enforcement agencies. Fishermen can attach these glowsticks to their rods for safety and to their bobbers to attract fish - fish find them irresistible! And if you put one or more of our 6 Inch 24-hour Glow Sticks on their lines you can reel in fish (which love the color and light) all night long! Fish don’t find anything “fishy” about Glow Sticks — they’re sure they’re food! For more on night fishing please visit our night fishing equipment page.

Our 6 Inch 24 hour Glow Sticks are also great for camping, hiking, and hunting, and serve well as markers, guides and safety illumination, effectively preventing accidents and people from getting lost in the wilderness. These glow sticks are also terrific for “kid tracking” and monitoring: attach a few glow sticks to the clothing or belt loops of children and you’ll always know where they are and what they’re doing! Put one or more of these light sticks on your companion animals’ collars or harnesses and never lose track of your pets in the dark!

Partiers also can decorate themselves for special effects with these long lasting 6 Inch Glow Sticks. Belt loops, purse handles and backpacks take on a wonderful eye-catching luminescence when you add several 6 Inch 24 hour Glow Light Sticks to them. Make yourself a stand-out, the center of admiring attention, by embellishing your party attire with an impossible to ignore green glow!

These Glow Sticks are of the highest quality and durability—industrial grade—and hand-checked for quality individually. You can always buy with confidence from because we stand behind our products 100%.

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Quality Assured

All of our glow sticks are industrial grade for assured quality.

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Technical Specifications

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Length: 6" (15.4 cm) Diameter: 11/16" (1 cm)


Individually Packaged