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Glowarehouse quality glow sticks, glow necklaces, light up bar products and night golf supplies

Glow Sticks, Necklaces, Lighted Glasses & Night Golf Supplies
Wholesale Light Up Products!

Quality Glow Sticks and Light Up Products with Excellent Customer Service
We only carry industrial quality glow products and hand check all of our LED products before shipment for assured quality.™ is your premium source for the latest in chemical glow, LED light and electro-luminescent technologies. We offer a huge variety of glowing and light up products including high quality glow sticks, glow bracelets, glow necklaces, light up drinking glasses, glowing sports equipment, safe flame candle products and much much more!™ specializes in all areas of safety, rescue, military and entertainment light products, including professional night golf and night fishing equipment. Promotional custom print services are also available on many of our exciting light up items to assist you in making your next event a glowing success!

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Night Golf Supplies / Glow Golf Equipment

Full line of professional night golf products including glow golf balls at wholesale prices.
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Night Golf / Glow in the Dark Golf

Night Fishing Equipment / Underwater Lights

Night Fishing / Underwater Fishing Lights

Wide range of night fishing equipment from glowing floats to submersible fishing lights.
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Glow Sticks and Light Sticks

Choose from the largest variety of glow and LED light sticks available. We carry industrial quality glow sticks for parties, camping, concerts, military and more. Choose our versatile 6" glow sticks, our fun 13" Twister glow light sticks or any other of our bright glow sticks. All of our glowsticks are quality guaranteed and are well suited for your entertainment, safety or emergency glow stick needs.

Light Up Bar Products (lighted ice cubes and light up glasses)

We carry a wide selection of light up and glowing bar products to light up your office party or wedding banquet. From lighted ice cubes and glowing coasters to light up glasses we have all your lighted bar product supplies. Enjoy our multi-color light up ice cubes in your drink or hold up a toast with our bright light up wine glasses and watch the faces of all your guest light up as well.

Glow Necklaces and Glow Bracelets

As a leader in glow and light entertainment products, we carry a vast amount of glow necklaces and glow bracelets suitable for any occasion. Buy our tri-color 22" glow necklaces for your next Mardi Gras party or order our popular 8" glow bracelets for any evening event. All of our glow necklaces and glow bracelets are available in a large assortment of color options and styles.

Light Up Jewelry and Wearables (LED pendants)

Glowing and light up body products make great party and costume accessories. From glowing finger nails to an assortment of light up pendants and even programmable LED t-shirts. We have all the light up wearable items you need. Try our sound activated lighted Equalizer t-shirts or scrolling LED Dog Tags to stand out. Our light up t-shirts and glowing jewelry is a must have for your next party event.

Light Up Accessories (EL Wire / Scrolling Belt Buckles)

The perfect light up products to accessories any party or event. From lighted sunglasses to glow in the dark paints to LED matrix fans and fun light up pens. If you are looking for a quality and novel light up item to impress yourself or others you don't need to look any further than our fun light up accessories. Check out our catalog for some bright ideas to turn heads at your next event.

Body Lights (Blinky Flashing Body Lights)

A giant selection of shapes are available with our magnetic flashing body lights. These Body Lights / Flashing Pins are a nice way to add a little flare to your wear and reinforce the theme of any event. Whether you are having a bowling party, birthday party or even a political rally we have the right selection of body lights and flashing pins for you to choose from. View our Blinking Body Light catalog and get yourself flashing today!

Night Sports (glow in the dark golf balls)

Light up sports balls and accessories are the best way to keep playing through the night. Everything from glow in the dark golf balls to night fishing equipment. Try our LED light up soccer balls and keep playing after dark or caste a line with our flashing underwater fishing lights. We have all the bright lights to keep your favorite sports playing after dark.

Home Decor (LED Candles)

Light up your next special occasion with our flamless candles and LED soft light lamp products. Our safe flame candles are extremely popular for events with young children or in heritage buildings where open flames can't be used. Also our calming color changing LED and fiber optic lamps are perfect for setting a pleasant aurora theme to any evening.

Promotional Lighted Products -

Get our products customized with your company logo or favorite message. Our customized promotional light products get your brand noticed or help make a special event extra memorable. At our associate site we have all the promotional lighted items you need from promo glow sticks to personalized light up pens.